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Typical Saturday — Hedger Humor

When you have a home-improvement project underway…

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What a little paint and polish can do!

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Okay, here it is – the before and after pictures. I now consider myself quite knowledgeable in:


Who knew?

As I walk through the beautiful clean house with the gleaming hardwood floors and newly painted walls, I hardly recognize the place! We took up the wall-to-wall carpet, which has hidden the hardwood floors for over 50 years. We also stripped the wallpaper and painted the walls. I was disappointed to see the electric blue shag rug in my bedroom go by the wayside.

Nothing too deep this week, I have been immersed in home improvements. Enjoy the before and after pictures.

The kitchen before:

kitchen before 1kitchen before 2

The kitchen after:

kitchen after

The den before:

den before

The den after:

den after

The living room before:

living room before

The living room after:

living room after

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The Hood River Craftsman

The Hood River Craftsman

The Hood River (House Plan)

This home has ample personality, but it doesn’t hog up too much room – opening up potential lot options. Let’s take an imaginary walk-through of the Hood River so you can see whether these may be the right home plans for your family.

As we approach the façade of the Hood River, you’ll notice the Craftsman style details – from the five tapered square columns to the home’s exposed roof brackets. You’ll also see a generous dormer over the garage – what might the home plan’s designers have put up there? As you step under the covered entry, you’ll appreciate the wraparound patio, where you can imagine watching rainstorms as a family. (more)