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The Best Home Windows Equals What’s Best For You (Not Salesdudes)

Photo credit: mrwynd
Photo credit: mrwynd

There is a tendency for homeowners out there to think that the best home windows for their particular project are the ones suggested by the salesperson sitting at the kitchen table. As they continue on and on with their spiel, it can be difficult to sift through the verbal chaos until only the gold-colored truth lays sprinkled before you.

Thankfully you have the HomeProHub Referral Serivce to help you navigate through the muck and the mire. This will ensure that you end up purchasing the best home windows for your project and not just what the salesperson is pushing. Let us show you a few key items to think about and look for.
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The Story Of The One-Legger

hph one legThe story of the one-legger may sound like a horror story at first. It’s not a traditional horror story, but it’s pretty darn close.

There are a lot of surprising nuances when it comes to the world of home improvement sales. This is especially true regarding the process home improvement companies go through to train their salespeople on how to effectively sell projects to homeowners during the in-home sales environment.

Let’s examine a situation known as the “one-legger,” which essentially is when a contractor or salesperson comes to your home to do a sales pitch on why you should select him to do your project. The appointment is scheduled with both homeowners expecting to be present, but when the contractor or salesperson shows up only one of the two parties (or legs) is there.

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You are Not a Customer. You are Simply a Lead.

hph salesIn our blog post last month, “Keeping Home Improvement Resources in Perspective,” we talked about the various ways that homeowners traditionally research contractors. From Yelp to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to referrals from friends, we outlined how each resource is laden with flaws.

Today’s blog installment will focus on why – in the eyes of most contractors out there – you are not a customer. You aren’t even a homeowner interested in a home improvement project. You are a lead. You do not have a first and last name or a vision of how you’d like your home improvement project to turn out. You are just a lead.

Here’s why this is such an important fact for you to recognize and how you can utilize home improvement experts out there to ensure you’re so much more than just a lead in the future.

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