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DIY Wood Window Valances


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The kitchen makeover: Sure, it’s considered the heart of the home, but in my case, it’s also at the heart of this DIY renovation. When I moved in, basically EVERYthing needed to be touched, changed, or replaced in some way. This kitchen has been years in the making, and nearly everything I did in this room was done for the first time, with no prior experience. But sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, discovering some nifty new tools, and some elbow grease.

Or in my case, throwing tools and having a drink or crying on the floor in frustration. But getting up and trying again, because that’s what’s important.

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Picture of the Day: Just Room Enough Island

No lawn to mow!





just room enough island Thousand Islands


Located on Just Room Enough Island is this quaint little cottage; the island is touted as one of the smallest (if not THE smallest) islands in the world (the lone tree gives it island status). It was built by the Sizeland family in the 1950s as a weekend getaway.

Just Room Enough is part of the famous Thousand Islands, an archipelago of 1,864 islands that straddles the Canada-U.S. border in the Saint Lawrence River as it emerges from the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. They stretch for about 50 miles (80 km) downstream from Kingston, Ontario. The Canadian islands are in the province of Ontario, the U.S. islands in the state of New York.

Just Room Enough Island is well-known due to its close proximity to Boldt Castle, a popular tourist attraction in the Thousand…

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Elegant Bathtubs Made Entirely of Wood



Alegna is a design firm based in Switzerland, best known for their elegant series of bathtubs and sinks made entirely of wood. Building from their many years of experience in yacht building and processing high-quality woods, these elegant bathroom designs are a sight to behold.

To protect the wood from water damage, a highly resistant varnish is used. Each bathtub is manufactured individually and built custom for each client. Bathtubs are manufactured from carefully selected wood veneers that are compressed together under high pressure and completely saturated with resin. Only certified wood from forests with controlled felling and reforestation are used.

Each bathtub weighs approximately 60kg – 80kg (132-176 lbs) and comes with a service life of 40-60 years. The specially treated wood means bacteria will not accumulate on the wood and that it’s leak-proof. For additional information be sure to visit their official website. Below you will…

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