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Typical Saturday — Hedger Humor

When you have a home-improvement project underway…

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The kitchen makeover: Sure, it’s considered the heart of the home, but in my case, it’s also at the heart of this DIY renovation. When I moved in, basically EVERYthing needed to be touched, changed, or replaced in some way. This kitchen has been years in the making, and nearly everything I did in this room was done for the first time, with no prior experience. But sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, discovering some nifty new tools, and some elbow grease.

Or in my case, throwing tools and having a drink or crying on the floor in frustration. But getting up and trying again, because that’s what’s important.

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Replacement Home Windows

Home Alone
Photo credit: Melvin “Buddy” Baker

When homeowners get started on a replacement home windows’ project, many realize, “Holy !#*% this is more difficult than I could have ever imagined!” This is because they try to do it themselves to save money. To save additional cash, they head on over to El Cheapo Depot to buy the most inexpensive windows and supplies that they can find.

Hours of frustration later, many homeowners we talk to are ready to pull their hair out – and their spouses too!

However, if you’re still determined to do a replacement home window project on the cheap, then here are the steps you’ll want to take. You’ll then learn what you can expect to get for only $100-300 more per window opening and why this is a much better route to take.

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Cheap Window Replacement

Jef's very first black jack hand. Ever.
Photo credit: Travis Isaacs

A cheap window replacement project is a lot like playing the penny slots in a casino. Penny slots might seem like a great way to save some money. While sipping on your free watered-down vodka-tonic, you can avoid the blackjack and craps tables capable of quickly sapping your wallet of greenbacks. After all, you’re gambling on the cheap by betting just a few pennies at a time. What could possibly be more cost-effective?

Here’s the problem: although it might take longer, you can still lose significant amounts of money at the penny slots. True, it might not take an hour, but after a 3-day weekend in the smoke-filled casino you still might find your wallet empty. The same principle holds true for a cheap window replacement project. You might save initially, but still end up paying out the wazoo in the end. So why is a cheap window replacement project about as risky as placing every chip you have on the number double-zero green while playing roulette? Here’s why.
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How To Add A Window To Your Home Where Currently There Isn’t One

Window installation_firstholeouts
Photo credit: Bryan Alexander

Our customers often tell us, “You see that wall over there? I want to add a window where there isn’t one.” This is what we here at HomeProHub call a wall cut down. Sometimes our homeowners don’t wish to simply add a window; they want to convert one into a patio door. We call that a wall extension.

So how do you get this process started? While we always suggest you chat with an installation professional first, here are some things to consider and potential benefits if you want to add a window where you currently have a wall.

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