Andersen Window Replacement Parts Tips

Photo credit: Jesus Rodriguez

While we’ve already shown you some tips regarding Andersen Window pricing, today we’re going to give you some advice for Andersen window replacement parts. Although HomeProHub helps homeowners replace their windows, we do get questions post-installation about where to get Andersen window replacement parts.

So many homeowners that we chat with don’t know what to do if they’re trying to replace the individual parts of a window. Do they call the contractor that installed them? Do they call Andersen Windows? Do they order the parts online and try to fix it themselves?

Today we’re going to take the guesswork out of the process.

Two Scenarios for Andersen Window Replacement Parts

Customer #1
There are two distinct scenarios for homeowners that might be looking for Andersen Window replacement parts. Let’s look at Customer #1.

This homeowner had Andersen windows installed and has recently discovered some sort of defect that requires a replacement. Here’s what he or she should do:

  • Contact the window dealer that installed the windows (if you still know who that is and if they are still in business).
    • Find out what will be covered by the manufacturer directly versus what the dealer will cover
    • Many homeowners don’t understand that some window dealers take full responsibility for the repairs while others push that responsibility onto the manufacturer
  • Find out the appropriate steps to take
  • Tell them the parts you’re looking for
  • Do not pay for anything when it comes to Andersen Window replacement parts until you’re 100% sure those parts aren’t covered by your warranty

Both the window dealer and manufacturer should help you during this process to determine what’s under warranty and what isn’t.

Customer #2
Now let’s say you’re a homeowner that moved into a home with Andersen Windows already installed or you bought and installed the windows yourself:

  • In many cases, the windows are so old that you are pretty sure they are no longer under warranty or you can’t locate the installer. Oftentimes, homeowners just cannot find the paperwork
  • First things first, you need to contact the manufacturer directly via telephone or email
  • Tell the person you’re communicating with that you need replacement parts so they can then route you appropriately

Every single window manufacturer in the world has a process for dealing with replacement parts so just make sure you get routed to the correct department.

Cut to the Chase

If you go online and search for any manufacturer’s replacement parts, generic parts will come up as available solutions to your problem. Our recommendation is to ignore these. Go directly to companies like Andersen so they can tell you exactly what you need. It’s these certified parts – versus the generics ones – that will get the job done right the first time.

If you need any more guidance, please feel free to contact HomeProHub today. You can also learn more about us by watching this video we’ve made just for you.


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