The Simple Facts Behind Andersen Window Pricing

Completed Carriage House w/ Andersen Windows
Photo credit: Dane Hartzell & Family

For over 100 years now, Andersen Windows has had a reputation of producing and installing beautiful home windows. It’s such a trusted brand that many homeowners will begin their home-improvement journey by researching Andersen window pricing options.

However, it’s critical that you learn some of the reasons that Andersen will most likely charge you much more for a window that you could find elsewhere at a more reasonable price. Once you know the keys behind Andersen window pricing options, you’ll be able to make the best purchase that fits your budget and home.

Andersen Window Pricing: Why So Much?

So here’s the deal: you can buy an Andersen window over at Home Depot right off the shelf, throw it in your car, and drive home all for about $150.

Or you can buy a Renewal by Andersen window, which can only be purchased and installed through a Renewal by Andersen official dealer, and this will cost you around $1,000 a window. That’s an $850 difference for the exact same window opening.

What gives?

Why the Delta?

So why in the world is there such a large delta between buying an Andersen window at Home Depot and buying a Renewal by Andersen window and having an authorized dealer install it? The factors involved include:

  • Andersen is a sales and marketing machine
    • The high cost of their windows helps pay for the massive marketing campaign
  • For over 100 years, homeowners have bought into the Andersen story – and continue to do so today. Therefore consumers might blindly choose Andersen without considering all options.
  • There are some vast technological differences to consider
    • Home Depot – Builder series window with barest of features
    • Renewal by Andersen window – A composite window packed full of features. The window itself could easily outlast your home


When you’re looking at Andersen window pricing options, it’s helpful to remember that theirs is more of a custom home window for a custom home. And if you own a custom home, you’ll want a window with more options. Perhaps you’ll want to paint one side while staining the other. Andersen provides this kind of flexibility.

So Is It Worth It?

While the quality of an Andersen window is quite good, the overall price is high. You can certainly find similar features, functions, and benefits from lower-priced windows. Although this company has a great reputation – and they’ll probably be around for another 100 years – in most cases you don’t have to pay their high prices.

If you’d like to know more about Andersen and additional windows that might be a nice fit for your home, please contact a HomeProHub Consultant today. They’ll give you free, totally unbiased information to make sure you have the best possible window for your unique situation.


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