The Secrets Behind Window Replacement Companies

Photo credit: Brock Builders

Window replacement companies come in about as many different shapes and sizes as home windows themselves. With companies ranging from local contractors to massive retail chains eager for your business, it can be a pretty daunting experience. Who do you trust?

Today you are going to learn the secrets behind window replacement companies and what you must pay attention to. From the little guy (“Chuck in the Truck” we like to call him) to massive outlets (think Sears), there are key things you must look for to make sure you not only end up with a home window you’re happy with, but also don’t get ripped off

Let’s begin.

Chuck in the Truck

Chuck will come to your house and tell you about the one window he has in his “inventory.” Turns out, his inventory is really aisle 17 over at The Home Depot. If you decide to go the route of Chuck in the Truck, he’ll purchase your window from the local retail giant, install it … and that’s really about it.

Here’s why this is so risky: you will only have the manufacturer’s warranty on the window itself. There will be zero installation warranty. Chuck usually doesn’t provide installation warranties; if he does it’s probably not worth the paper it’s written on – if it’s even written down at all. Usually it’s the old “taillight guarantee”: the warranty ends as soon as you can no longer see his taillights as he drives away from your house.

HomeProHub only recommends using Chuck if you are incredibly desperate for a window and have zero expectations for the results. If you simply need a new window and have no other choice, then just make sure you understand the risks involved.

Higher-End Windows: Higher-End Sales Pressure

A mighty step up from Chuck in the Truck is a company like Champion. They are both a window company and manufacturer. They currently serve homeowners in over 40 states, so their expertise is second-to-none.

Champion makes, installs, and services their own windows. You can think of them as your window replacement company for life. The windows have a lifetime warranty and the company will always be happy to come out and fix any problems. Sounds like some sort of window utopia, doesn’t it?

What you need to be aware of is that Champion – and similar companies – are incredibly hard closers. Their sales teams aren’t messing around here people. They spend hours and hours in training facilities to learn how to force you to accept the sale. These folks are pros. Because so much time and money is spent on sales training, you can expect to pay more for the windows and the installation.

Playing With the Big Boys

Let’s suppose for a second that you prefer to do business with recognizable retail chains, such as Sears. You can expect their sales tactics to be just as intense. They need to close the deal with you and won’t stop until you’ve signed on the dotted line.

So you sign the contract because you trust a name like Sears. You accept their high prices because you feel that you can count on them should something go wrong. This is certainly true, but do make sure you understand that Sears’ employees won’t actually install your windows. Subcontractors will be doing the work. Who knows who these folks are and what their talents may or may not be.

Makes you kind of nervous, doesn’t it?

Next Steps

At HomeProHub, we usually suggest that you go with a middle-of-the-road company. The benefits are reasonable prices and dealing with contractors that are hungry for work. This means they are very customer-service driven. They have high standards for their installs because they rely on repeat and referral business. Also, they usually use the same brands as the massive retail chains.

If you have any questions, please contact HomeProHub today for free, unbiased advice concerning window replacement companies.


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