Replacement Home Windows

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Photo credit: Melvin “Buddy” Baker

When homeowners get started on a replacement home windows’ project, many realize, “Holy !#*% this is more difficult than I could have ever imagined!” This is because they try to do it themselves to save money. To save additional cash, they head on over to El Cheapo Depot to buy the most inexpensive windows and supplies that they can find.

Hours of frustration later, many homeowners we talk to are ready to pull their hair out – and their spouses too!

However, if you’re still determined to do a replacement home window project on the cheap, then here are the steps you’ll want to take. You’ll then learn what you can expect to get for only $100-300 more per window opening and why this is a much better route to take.

There’s No Crying In Home Improvements

Before we get started, here’s a quick disclaimer from HomeProHub: don’t come crying to us when the dookie hits the fan and your cheap windows stink.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

El Cheapo Depot

If you’re still willing to go forward with cheap replacement home windows, here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Do a jamb-to-jamb measurement
  • Bring those dimensions along with you to El Cheapo Depot
  • When you get to the counter, tell the staff that you’d like builder series windows off of the shelf
  • Chances are that the sizing they have in stock isn’t going to be exactly what you have at home. You should be prepared to pick up some lumber to reframe the windows to match the size. You’ll also need some caulk, wood screws, and some spray foam insulation
  • You’ve got all your goods. Now go home, find a step-by-step video on YouTube for replacement home windows’ projects, and good luck trying to figure everything out.
  • On average each opening will cost you around $250-400

But If You Spend Just A Little Bit More

OK – Now you know how to replace your home windows for the absolute bottom price. (Although who knows if you actually installed them correctly after watching that YouTube video. Guess you’ll find out during the first major rainstorm of the season.) If you were to take an extra $100-300 per opening in your home, here’s what you can expect:

  • Windows that come with a lifetime warranty
  • Higher-quality windows that last longer and perform better
  • Custom-sized windows are ordered to fit your opening
  • Much better looking when compared to the builder series, which are meant for rentals and apartments
  • Options such as grids, tempering, obscured glass, better rollers, and more
  • When installed professionally, it’ll go WAY WAY WAY faster
  • You’ll have someone to call if something goes wrong
  • Disposal of all your old home window materials
  • Installed using professional building materials that you can’t find at El Cheapo Depot

And of course, you’ll have the security of knowing your windows won’t pop out or leak –turns out that’s pretty important too.

If you’re thinking about doing a replacement home windows’ project soon, contact HomeProHub today. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions.


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