Cheap Window Replacement

Jef's very first black jack hand. Ever.
Photo credit: Travis Isaacs

A cheap window replacement project is a lot like playing the penny slots in a casino. Penny slots might seem like a great way to save some money. While sipping on your free watered-down vodka-tonic, you can avoid the blackjack and craps tables capable of quickly sapping your wallet of greenbacks. After all, you’re gambling on the cheap by betting just a few pennies at a time. What could possibly be more cost-effective?

Here’s the problem: although it might take longer, you can still lose significant amounts of money at the penny slots. True, it might not take an hour, but after a 3-day weekend in the smoke-filled casino you still might find your wallet empty. The same principle holds true for a cheap window replacement project. You might save initially, but still end up paying out the wazoo in the end. So why is a cheap window replacement project about as risky as placing every chip you have on the number double-zero green while playing roulette? Here’s why.

I’d Like to Call

Let’s imagine for a second that you’re trying to save a few bucks and you want to do a cheap window replacement project yourself. You own a typical home with about a dozen windows and a patio door. If you don’t really know what you’re doing, or don’t have previous experience replacing windows of any kind, then you could be putting your home in jeopardy. If a rainstorm comes and a few of your windows leak, you could easily have $50,000 in water damage.

Suddenly, the money you saved by doing the project yourself is negated by the severe damage done to your home.

You just crapped out.

I’d Like to Raise

Now let’s pretend you want to do the project with an inexpensive window company. You hire El Cheapo Windows and Patio Doors to do the cheap window replacement project. They quote you a price that is extremely low and affordable. But stop for a second and think, “Where is this company going to cut corners to turn a profit on this project while still meeting my expectations on price?” Here’s what El Cheapo could do:

  • Instead of hiring a craftsman, they will pay a laborer who has minimal experience installing windows.
  • The quality of the materials will be subpar. The caulk, sealant, screws, trim, and additional materials will be inadequate and cheap.
  • Most window installations require a city or building permit. This drives up the cost of the project. El Cheapo the contractor might forgo this important step, which means you are in danger of getting a fine from the city.
  • The window company will install them as fast as humanly possible. This means zero attention to detail.

If you think the quality of the materials isn’t a big deal then think again. Just poor caulk alone could result in leaks and drastically higher energy bills due to drafts coming into your home.

The dealer just turned over 21.

I’m All In

So how do you determine if the gamble is worth the risk? While it’s true that there are low-cost solutions available, you need to ensure it’s the right fit for you. In the end, you must be realistic and realize that any project is going to cost you money. It’s just like gambling: even if you go the cheap route and only bet pennies at the beginning, you could still lose everything.

If a cheap window replacement project still has your interest, at least make sure to chat with HomeProHub to receive free, unbiased advice. They’ll make sure you’re fully educated on your window project no matter what your budget

You just hit a royal flush.


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