Fiberglass Windows Are a Great Option For Your Home

window from the inside
Photo credit: Liz West

There are a lot of homeowners we meet here at HomeProHub intrigued by the option of fiberglass windows. Many of them have no idea why they would ever install fiberglass windows in their home, however.

Choosing fiberglass as the appropriate window frame material for your home can be a great option especially in comparison with other window frame materials such as wood, vinyl, and metal. Fiberglass is a durable and long-lasting window framing material that can be painted, which is a key distinction. There are numerous instances when a homeowner needs the option to paint the exterior of his/her window frame. As an example, fiberglass windows can be a solid alternative for homeowners who own a historic home and desire a wood-like appearance.

In the same vein, many homeowners we meet simply prefer the appearance of fiberglass windows and the options that are typically available. With the ability to combine a wood-like appearance with a window frame material that resists warping – and additionally is resistant to corrosion from chemicals or salt air – fiberglass may indeed be your best bet.

Now, try to resist the urge to shout from your rooftop, “Perfect! Fiberglass windows it is!” There are lots of additional considerations to ponder before deciding on fiberglass windows. For example, are the additional costs justified in comparison to a wood-clad window or a traditional wood window? Would a colored vinyl window be a viable option? It’s always advisable that you navigate these final questions with the assistance of a home improvement window expert. Remember that every home isn’t created equal and you need to consider your options based on your specific situation and not homes belonging to your friends, parents, or neighbors. Spend some time reviewing the high-level benefits and advantages below to further your education.

Benefits and advantages of fiberglass windows:

  • Low-thermal conductivity
  • Low-environmental impact
  • Stress on seals, caulks, and joints are minimized, thus contributing to higher efficiency windows
  • Tight seals maintain the resistance to air leakage and keep out water penetration
  • Rot and corrosion resistant
  • High strength-to-weight ratio that also resists warping
  • Easily paintable and re-paintable with minimum preparation
  • Fiberglass is particularly adept at resisting environmental damage caused by corrosive salt air or extreme temperatures

As you can see, fiberglass windows may be a great option for your home. Feel free to contact us to find out a bit more about this versatile and beautiful material.


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