Window Price Comparisons: The Most Important Things To Consider

Photo credit: Anthony Easton

Of all the tasks homeowners typically do when looking to buy new windows, window price comparisons are usually one of the first things on their list. We want to show you, however, that when you simply compare one window to another that the information can be deceiving.

Today you’re going to learn some important things to consider when doing window price comparisons for bay windows, new construction windows, and really any window on the market.

From installation costs to the type of window you purchase, there’s much to think about.

Apples to Oranges

Window price comparisons aren’t really as straightforward as you might think. Here is one of the major problems. If you are a homeowner and are just buying a window at Home Depot, then that price is going to be quite different than if a professional installed that exact same window. Yes, it’s the same window, but you’re really comparing apples to oranges here.

Therefore, take window cost comparisons with a grain of salt. This shouldn’t be the foundation for your ultimate decision. There are just too many other factors to consider.

Factors to Consider

Like we just stated, the cost of the installation is a major factor to consider while doing window price comparisons. The installation is incredibly important. You could potentially have the most expensive window you can find that – if installed improperly – could end up costing you more than the cheapest window on the market that has been installed correctly.

Here’s what else you must keep in mind:

  • Is the window that you’re looking at the right fit for your home?
  • Will it be installed correctly so that it lasts forever? (You’ll want to pretend it’s the final window you’re ever going to buy. Ever!)
  • Is it going to be energy efficient?
  • Will be it aesthetically pleasing?
  • What are your neighbors currently up to? Remember you want to follow the trends of your neighborhood. If nobody in your neighborhood has done any upgrades for quite some time, you may have a hard time recouping your money if you buy expensive windows. Is the window you’re looking to buy within your budget?
  • What’s the ROI (return on investment) for your window?
  • Is the window you’re looking at even available in your area?

It’s a Big Decision

One last important thing to think about: if you’re going to stay in your home for the next 40-plus years, will the windows you’re considering now be easy to open when you’re 80 or even 90 years old? Sure, you may be able to stretch, reach, and budge them open now, but what about when you’re older? Proper selection of a window brand and style (as well as the appropriate hardware options) can make a window an excellent long-term fit for your home.

If you have any questions regarding window price comparisons, feel free to contact HomeProHub today. We’re happy to provide you with free, unbiased insights.


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