3 Things You Must Know About Marvin Fiberglass Windows

Photo credit: ntm1909

We’ve shown you in the past some of the best fiberglass windows available on the market. We gave you some of the benefits of brands like Pella and Milgard. Today we’re going to show you some of the details surrounding Marvin fiberglass windows and why they may or may not be a nice fit for your home.

Now there’s one thing we need to make clear from the start: when we’re talking about Marvin fiberglass windows we’re talking specifically about the Ultrex model, which is part of their Infinity line. Let’s show you three important facts about the window, including price range, benefits, and finally our recommendation.

Marvin Fiberglass Windows: 3 Things You Must Know


Nobody likes sticker-shock so let’s get right to the punch: The Marvin Ultrex is going to be one of the most expensive windows you can buy. In fact, don’t be surprised if each opening runs you around $1,000. It most definitely is a high-end product.


If you haven’t fainted on the floor from the cost, then let’s dig into a few of the benefits of Ultrex Marvin fiberglass windows:

  • Framing material is durable and quite strong
  • Availability in a wide variety of shapes
  • Ability to resist corrosion
  • Interior finish available in six different colors
  • Decade and a half of industry experience
  • Window exteriors are paintable
  • Marvin offers it’s customers the ability to order windows featuring virtually any design

So now that you know the cost and some of the benefits, it’s time to think if this is the right window for your unique home.

What does HomeProHub suggest?

The HomeProHub Recommendation

Has HomeProHub suggested Marvin fiberglass windows to our clients in certain scenarios? Yes. But are we saying that these particular windows have been in the market long enough to be able to stand the test of time (even with lab testing)? No.

The jury is still out on fiberglass windows. That’s why if you’re thinking about the Ultrex, come talk to us and make sure you’re choosing it for the right reasons. Although we don’t believe the material has “arrived” just yet, there are still some valid scenarios where it can be the ideal fit for your home.


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