Best Fiberglass Windows

Infinity Fiberglass Window X-O
Photo Credit: Steve Anderson

There has recently been a lot of talk about fiberglass windows being the featured window replacement for homes compared to vinyl. When it comes to vinyl vs fiberglass windows, we here at HomeProHub aren’t quite ready to crown fiberglass as the champion just yet. But they are definitely a lot more popular than they used to be – and for good reason.

The best fiberglass windows for your home are also the ones that make the most sense for your budget. (The price for the best fiberglass windows on the market can often make your jaw drop.) So before you embark on your next home window project, here’s what you need to know about all-things fiberglass.

What Do You Get?

If you are currently thinking about fiberglass windows but aren’t exactly sure what you’ll get for your hard-earned money, then here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll get:

  • Very eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Paintable
  • The framing material enables a larger window opening because they are structurally stronger. This is due to the best fiberglass windows out there consisting of 60% glass, which contributes to the strength of the frame
  • Do be aware that they cost around 10-20% more than vinyl replacement windows

Is it Worth It?

In our humble opinion, here are what we feel are the best fiberglass windows on the market:

  1. Marvin Infinity: Their Ultrex fiberglass is the most durable we have seen on the market today.
  2. Pella Impervia: Although it’s rather expensive, in our opinion it’s the best-looking fiberglass window option around.
  3. From here on out, you’ll start to see mid-grade options that are a decent solution, but certainly not as high-end as products like Marvin, Pella, and even Milgard.

Can I Have the Final Verdict Please?

When it comes to the best fiberglass windows, another drawback to keep in mind is that they haven’t been tested long-term yet. Improved manufacturing techniques and overall consumer demand have yet to drive the price down so you might want to look at vinyl if you need a cheaper option that still delivers great results.

If you have any additional questions about fiberglass windows and if they’d be the right fit for your home, feel free to contact the HomeProHub Referral Service today. They will give you free, totally unbiased advice to make sure you have the right product for your home.


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