Why a Home Window Repair Project is More Complicated Than You Think

Broken Window Reflection
Photo credit: Richard Furlong

Here at HomeProHub, we talk a lot about new home improvement window projects. But sometimes you just need a little home window repair instead of replacing the whole darn thing. Seems simple, right?

Well, not exactly. When it comes to home window repair, it’s often not as simple as calling a glass company or a window contractor and asking them to come out and fix it. Sometimes the repair that needs to be done is a sash that won’t open because the pulleys are damaged. Or maybe it’s dried paint that’s causing the window to stick shut. No matter what the damage might be, you need to have a strategy in place to get your window repaired.

Window Contractor vs Handyman

If you start the home window repair process by calling a local window contractor, he’s going to tell you that you need a window replacement. Even if a repair is all that’s needed, he’s going to push hard to get you to replace it, since this is the only way he’ll make money

This is why we would suggest you start off by chatting with a handyman. Get his opinion. Pick his brain. He doesn’t have an agenda in this matter so you’re more likely to get unbiased advice than from a window contractor.

Heck, at the very least he’ll let you know what direction to go in. He may tell you to call the window manufacturer of the broken window. He may say to call a replacement company. Maybe you should just call a glass company? Either way at least you have a place to start.

It’s A Thin Line

There’s a thin line when deciding if you should replace your window altogether or simply repair it. Here are a few reasons why a home window repair project may be the right choice:

  • Maybe you have an historic home and you want to keep the original look and feel. If so, just fix the current window
  • Perhaps fixing a pulley or two will get them working great again
  • If dried paint is locking them into place, removing it might solve your problem

On the other hand, let’s say you have aluminum dual-pane windows. When you lift them all the way up they actually fall off. At some point, you’re going to have to replace them versus trying to repair them. In this situation, a totally new window might be your best bet.

In the end, just make sure that you don’t ask a window company about home window repair situations. They’ll just want to put in new ones. Of course, if the outcome is that you should replace your windows and would still like unbiased and free advice, then please contact the HomeProHub Referral Service today. It’s 100% free for homeowners.


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