Stop, Look, and Listen When Replacing Home Windows

Photo credit: Steven A Johnson
Photo credit: Steven A Johnson

When you were a child, there was a good chance your mother or father would advise you to, “Stop, look, and listen” before crossing the street. Those same wise words still apply today when replacing home windows. By utilizing the trifecta of stopping, looking, and listening you’ll be able to figure out if it’s time to go forward with a home improvement project.

Replacing home windows is a big decision. To help you make the wisest choice possible, you need to use your senses and best judgments at all times. Here are the three best ways to make your decision with confidence.


Replacing home windows takes a lot of research and thought. Before you do anything at all, stop and think about what the project will cost you. What does your current budget look like? Should you finance the project or try to pay it off all at once? What kind of ROI can you expect down the road should you sell your home? These questions – and more – all deserve a good amount of your time and thought.


Perhaps you’re still a bit unsure if you actually need to be replacing home windows or not. What is it about your current windows that you should be looking for? For starters, can you see daylight between the window frame and the sash? That’s a big sign that replacing home windows pretty soon might be the best choice.

Another red flag is if you see condensation between the glasses of your dual pane windows. If you have single pane windows, look for it on the inside. When condensation appears it might be time for a home improvement project.

You should also look and check for air leaks. Do this by going to your local hardware store to purchase products that blow non-toxic smoke towards your window. If any seeps through then you know you have a problem.


The last thing you’ll want to do is to listen to your windows. No, we don’t mean to lay them down on the couch in a therapist-client type setting. Simply close your current windows and pay attention to how much outside noise you’re able to hear. Also, do your windows rattle when large trucks rumble by? These are additional key signs that it’s time to replace them.

Replacing home windows can help with everything from energy bills to creating a peaceful environment in your home. If you still have questions, make sure to contact the HomeProHub Referral Service today.


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