The Hidden Truth Behind Vinyl Window Pricing

Photo credit: Cooperweb
Photo credit: Cooperweb

Recently we talked about some top tips for vinyl replacement windows. Today we want to chat a little bit about pricing. Vinyl window pricing is the topic that about 7 out of 10 homeowners want to talk about with us when the conversation turns to replacement windows. This is because the pricing model is so convoluted, murky, and unclear – not to mention all the marketing noise and gimmicks homeowners have to sift through – that nobody can really figure out the truth.

That is until now. Today’s blog will lend you a helping hand so you can make sense of everything you read and hear regarding vinyl window pricing. After reading this article, you’ll have a much better understanding of the pricing tiers that vinyl windows come in and how this can help you make the best possible decision for your home.

Why Is Vinyl Window Pricing So Inconsistent?

The pricing of vinyl windows can be about as difficult to solve as a Rubik’s Cube. That’s because the pricing is dictated less by the quality and make of the actual window and more by where you buy it and who is going to install it. That’s what’s driving the price.

Also accounting for the massive differences in vinyl window pricing are the people who get into the window sales and installation business. Many do it just to make a buck. Homeowners don’t have the awareness when it comes to pricing so window companies can prey on these folks and basically charge whatever they want.

What To Do … What To Do?

Here is our advice: basically there are three tiers when it comes to vinyl windows. There is the low end (basic Builder Series you would purchase from Home Depot), mid range (available upgrades and options), and high end (painted finishes and massive upgrade options). Where you choose to land within these tiers is entirely up to you and your budget. We would suggest you stay away from the low, avoid the high, and stay somewhere right in the middle.

Am I Getting a Good Deal?

Let us show you a great way to determine if you’re getting fair pricing from a contractor:

  • Get multiple bids from certified prescreened contractors with similar-sized businesses
  • Call one of the contractors back and tell him another company has dropped their price significantly
  • If his response is to lower his price to match that of his competitor, then you know you’re being overcharged to begin with.
  • Continue your contractor search elsewhere.


Let’s recap and provide you with some perspective on what we feel is fair vinyl window pricing. If you’re choosing a lower-end vinyl window, you should be in the range of $400-500 per opening. For mid-range it’s about $600-700 per opening and $800-900 for a high-end window. Keep these price points in mind while doing your research.

We hope this offers you some perspective on the confusing world of vinyl window pricing. Feel free to contact the HomeProHub Referral Service today for free and unbiased advice.


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