Will Bay Area Construction Industry Rebound Result in More Fraud?

Photo credit: ArmchairBuilder.com
Photo credit: ArmchairBuilder.com

For those living in the greater Bay Area, there’s a pretty interesting article this week regarding the construction industry’s big rebound from The Great Recession. Written by George Avalos of the Oakland Tribune – and also posted here in the Mercury News – the article speaks to the dramatic increase in construction jobs in the Bay Area.

Here are a few stats that really grabbed our attention:

  • Construction industry added 13,800 jobs between March 2012-2013
  • The industry saw job totals expand by 10.5% compared to just 2.7% for total jobs in the Bay
  • Much of this growth is due to leading tech companies such as Apple and Google buying and leasing space to expand their businesses

While we are absolutely thrilled that the construction industry has shown massive resilience here in the Bay Area, an unfortunate side effect will be contractor scammers and frauds that attempt to get their undeserving slice of the pie.

That’s why we recently launched the HomeProHub Referral Service. You can leverage our free network to not only help you find and hire a legit contractor, but also you’ll have us at your side the entire time throughout the project to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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