The Best Home Windows Equals What’s Best For You (Not Salesdudes)

Photo credit: mrwynd
Photo credit: mrwynd

There is a tendency for homeowners out there to think that the best home windows for their particular project are the ones suggested by the salesperson sitting at the kitchen table. As they continue on and on with their spiel, it can be difficult to sift through the verbal chaos until only the gold-colored truth lays sprinkled before you.

Thankfully you have the HomeProHub Referral Serivce to help you navigate through the muck and the mire. This will ensure that you end up purchasing the best home windows for your project and not just what the salesperson is pushing. Let us show you a few key items to think about and look for.

Of Beauty and Budgets

First and foremost you need to think about aesthetics. How do the windows actually look? Nothing else matters if you aren’t skipping for joy after seeing the windows you’re thinking of having installed. Once you’ve made this choice, just make sure to remind yourself of your budget. Do the windows you’ve selected fit within that budget? If not, you need to think long and hard about your decision.

Oh, and don’t even pay attention to a window the salesperson won’t stop trying to cram down your throat. He’s worried about his profit margin and not the best home windows for your situation.

You Got a Certification For That?

Let’s pretend for a second that you’ve found the windows you want and are pretty sure you’ve selected the contractor to install them. Here’s the kicker though: can he actually install them? Is he certified to do so? During your chat with the pushy salesperson there’s a good chance he may tell you his team can install, for example, Pella windows. But do you know for sure that they are certified to do so?

Make sure the folks installing your windows can … well … actually install your windows.

Warranty & Codes

Imagine you’re back at the kitchen table again and are negotiating with the salesperson. What kind of warranty can you get? Mr. Salesdude doesn’t care that you need a great warranty just because your kids play baseball in the backyard a few feet away from the windows. He’s more inclined to sell you a product he’s just trying to unload.

Make sure the warranty fits your needs and not the salesman.

When selecting the best home windows for your unique situation, just make sure to follow your heart, gut, and budget. Don’t fall for the tricks of tricky salespeople selling tricked-out windows. (See what we did there?) Get in touch with the HomeProHub Referral Service today for free, unbiased advice on the best home windows for your next project.


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