12 Reasons To Do a Retrofit Window Project

Photo credit: mrwynd
Photo credit: mrwynd

In our last blog, “12 Reasons To Do A New Construction Window Project,” we examined the benefits of doing a new construction installation; we also showed you why we believe it’s a pretty solid option depending on the individual details of your home.

Now it’s time to look at things from a slightly different perspective.

Today you are going to learn the top 12 benefits of a retrofit window project. You’ll see why this route might make the most sense for your home versus a new construction installation. And as always, it’s important to be thinking about your specific needs – and those of your home – when making the decision that is best for you.

May I Have The Definition Please?

According to the California Energy Commission,

retrofit windows are used in the case where the existing frame is left in place, the existing sash and/or glass is removed, and a replacement window is installed over the existing frame. This is a very popular method of replacing windows because labor in minimized and it limits changes or damage to existing exterior finishes like stucco.

Tell Me More

Instead of just defining what a retrofit window project is, let’s really dig down and examine not only the benefits, but also the particulars that make retrofit windows a solid option when compared with new construction windows:

  • They are almost always cheaper
  • Cleaner installation
  • Faster installation time
  • Still attain all the positive energy efficiency gains
  • Moisture barrier is undisturbed
  • If the windows aren’t currently leaking, a retrofit window project won’t increase the likelihood of leaks in the future
  • Still increase the home’s value, but the cost of entry is less while the return on investment (ROI) is the same
  • No damage to outside finish
  • No additional exterior repair
  • Interior painting not needed
  • It’s now a proven technology
  • Some homeowners simply prefer the look of retrofit windows, which feature more white trim than its new construction counterpart

The HomeProHub Stance

How does HomeProHub feel about a retrofit window project? From our perspective it’s a viable and oftentimes preferable choice. It all really depends on the home and the personal preferences of the homeowner

We recommend a retrofit window project with supreme confidence because the technology has advanced to the point where they’re just as solid as a new construction install. Due to the overall price savings, we see them as a tremendous value, which is why we recommend a retrofit window project 70-80% of the time.

You still might have some questions or concerns regarding retrofit windows. This is where the HomeProHub Referral Service can answer any of your inquiries – all for free. Get a hold of us today.


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