3 Most Common Vinyl Window Costs

Photo credit: Progressive Insulation & Windows
Photo credit: Progressive Insulation & Windows

When it comes to vinyl window costs, you’ll typically have three options to choose from: good, better, and best. No matter what your budget, there’s a good chance vinyl home windows can beautify your home and increase its value – all for an affordable price.

So when researching vinyl window costs, which option is right for you? First set your budget, think about the types of options you’ll want (if any), and make sure to never chat with a contractor until you’ve completed these steps. You need to go with a window that fits your needs and not those suggested by a contractor who has a vested interest in the sale.

To the options!

Vinyl Window Costs: The Options


The most basic and affordable option is to head on down to Home Depot and pick up a vinyl window right off the shelf. This window is energy efficient, low maintenance, and comes with a warranty. Just make sure you know that the warranty can be voided if you install the window yourself and cause any damages to it during the installation process.


This is probably where the majority of homeowners land. Let’s use Simonton windows as an example of what you can expect to get:

  • 3 decades of experience in producing vinyl windows and doors
  • Windows – such as the Daylight Max – have a low-profile frame to induce maximum light
  • Widows have a nice balance between design, price point, and quality
  • A company ranked highest in 2011 for Builder and Remodeler Residential Window and Patio Door Satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates
  • ENERGY STAR-efficient products

Pretty solid options and craftsmanship for the price.


If your budget allows, a high-end window (check out Milgard replacement windows as an example) arrive complete with amazing follow up customer support and superior warranties. You’ll also have extreme customization options, such as painting both the interior and exterior frame, and lots of hardware upgrades at your disposal.

The return on investment for a high-end vinyl window makes this one of the best home improvement projects you can do. And also note that in the vinyl window replacement world that there’s only a slight difference between the “better” and “best” option. Either will provide great value for your home.

The Bottom Line

When you’re looking at vinyl window costs, always keep in mind that it’s rather affordable and that the return on investment is quite high. Vinyl is rapidly becoming the most popular framing material on the market. This means a lot of companies, options, and price points for you to choose from to best fit your budget.

If you have any additional questions about all-things vinyl, feel free to contact HomeProHub today for free, unbiased advice. We’ll make sure all your questions are answered quickly.


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