Garden Windows: The Underrated Improvement to Your Home

Photo credit: mtnbikrrr
Photo credit: mtnbikrrr

A garden window – also referred to as a Green House window – is the most underrated home improvement there is. Adding a beautiful new garden window to your home is not only more affordable than you think, but also makes any room feel larger. A garden window today is very well insulated and adds a designer element to rooms that’s difficult to achieve any other way. They bring in loads of natural light and provide a haven for beautiful fresh herbs, flowers, and plants that normally would have to live outside.

In our opinion, this is not a DIY project. A garden window installation is usually a “new construction” install. This means that the existing window, frame, interior, and exterior trim all will have to be removed right down to the wood framing of the opening. Squaring up and framing the opening in preparation for the garden window install are critical processes that require special tools and experience.

HomeProHub can connect you with a pro to do it so you’ll rest easy knowing there’s relatively little risk of leakage. If you are a DIYer and want to tackle the install, by all means go for it. We would suggest you read up on it before you dive in and watch it closely the first time it rains. Try not to be out of town for the first rainfall after the installation of the garden window – just to be safe.

Lately there’s been a big uptick in homeowners installing a garden window in the kitchen who decide to have the backsplash – if there is one – removed. This creates a flat countertop transitioning into the garden window while tiling all the way into the window. This is a great designer look that adds even more depth to the kitchen.

Beware that if you have a window contractor and a tile contractor doing this they need to be on the same page. The garden window needs to be ordered with the tile thickness offset so as to accommodate the flat transition. We’ve seen the most experienced contractors foul this up and it can be tough to adjust when you have the wrong size window on the jobsite with an empty opening waiting for a new window to be installed. Trust us; it’s not fun.

Another word of caution is to make sure you measure outside where the window is going to be protruding outwards. If it’s going to push out into a walkway, for example, this could be a problem. The last thing you want is to have to duck to get under your new garden window every time you walk by it outside.

As far as cost goes, a higher-quality Tru-Frame brand garden window should cost around $1,200 -1,500. Installing it yourself will save you roughly $500 on average. That’s a great bargain if you ask us.


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