Replacement Window Ads

Photo credit: Tostie14
Photo credit: Tostie14

Just about everyday we’re exposed to ten or more advertisements regarding residential replacement windows. That’s about 70 per week! We’ll grant that because we’re in this industry that our radars are up, which causes us to have more awareness than the average person. Most folks may not even notice all these ads, but trust us when we say they’re out there.

You may think that these ads are a valuable resource for finding and hiring a window replacement contractor, but nothing could be further from the truth. While a tiny fraction of companies out there do run honest and straightforward ads, the reality is that the majority of them don’t.

The problems we have with the ads that we see and hear are not so much the ads themselves (as obviously companies need to advertise to survive), but it’s the lack of real messaging. Our belief is that homeowners don’t even hear the B.S. that’s being repeated over and over. Nobody can convince us that intelligent people are swayed by useless crap like, “Changing the home improvement industry one window at a time.”

Come on! Give us a break! What does that even mean? We’ll tell you what it means.


These companies shouldn’t even bother saying these useless clichés. Our moms used to say that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Well we say if you don’t have anything intelligent or beneficial to say then don’t say anything.

All this garbage that is being recycled in ads over and over is not helping homeowners at all. They don’t even hear it. We know this because it happens here at HomeProHub with our advertising. People call and ask us to come out and fix their broken glass because the lawn mower just threw a rock through it. Why did they call us? Not only do we not replace glass or even windows, but also we’re not even contractors or window dealers. We are a home improvement consulting firm and the homeowner would have realized this if they had stopped for half a second to read about our business. That’s not what people do anymore because they’re conditioned to skip all the useless marketing noise and just call or email a company even if it’s the wrong company. We ask people all the time why they are calling us for broken glass and they say because they just saw the ad and called. They never read a word of the ad; they saw a picture of a window and a phone number so they called.

We can’t say we blame them. None of the empty, never-ending promises of “customers come first” and “commitment to customer service” means anything anymore so information that could actually help a homeowner gets glossed over. Information like, you know, what the company actually does.

That’s enough about the problem. How about a solution? We know what we want to hear in a replacement window ad:

“Hello everyone. My name is Steve Miller and I own Miller’s Window World in San Jose. My marketing budget is small and this ad is costing me a fortune, but I want to introduce myself because I would like an opportunity to earn your business and not to trick you into thinking I’m something I’m not. I want to earn your business. My phone number is_______ and my website is_______. I hope to hear form you soon!”

This will never happen, but this ad would work on us. It’s simple, clean, and easy. We know the guy is there and now all we need to do is contact him.

The point of all this is simple. The really good contractors don’t advertise. They survive solely on repeat and referral business. They don’t need to advertise. Those are the guys you want to hire. Those outrageous ads with all the outrageous claims are coming from the contractors and home improvement companies that can’t survive on repeat and referral business so why would you want to hire them? We know we wouldn’t.

We’d love to hear your take on the ads you see and hear in your town. Post a reply below and tell us about them!


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