Top Tips For Home Window Replacements

installing window paneSo little Timmy tossed the ball through your front window over the weekend. What does that mean? Well, aside from the fact that you now know he can’t throw a curveball with any sort of accuracy, you need to fix that shattered window as well as your kid’s shattered dreams of playing Major League Baseball.

While we’ll leave your kid’s broken hopes and aspirations in the hands of qualified therapists, we can help you figure out the different house window replacement options at your disposal. There are three main options to consider: replacing just the broken single pane of glass, replacing a old dual pane of glass with an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) featuring the latest technology, or you can replace the entire unit (window, frame, and more). Let’s look at each house window replacement alternative and determine which one is the best choice.

Bringing The Pane

Timmy’s high and outside curveball broke a single-pane glass window. Sure, you can call a window expert and depending on the exact make and model, he can come out and replace just that single pane of glass. But there are a few important things to note about this approach:

  • Just because you replaced your broken single pane of glass with a new one does not mean it’s now more energy efficient. This isn’t the case at all.
  • Because these single-pane vinyl windows are so inexpensive, many Northern California companies can’t turn a profit when installing them. That means it might be hard to not only find the actual glass, but also a professional to install it.
  • Since it’s so difficult to locate a glass manufacture that sells these windows containing older vinyl technology, it’s actually cheaper to install totally new windows.

The bottom line here is simple: while you can certainly replace your shattered glass with a similar single-pane window so that Mother Nature isn’t blowing her leaves and raindrops inside of your home, you probably won’t see the ROI with this kind of replacement option.

Bringing The Dual Pane

dualpanediagramNow let’s pretend that Timmy’s wild pitch broke a dual-pane window you had installed quite some time ago. What house window replacement option should you go with now?

This particular window can also be replaced with a similar model. Here’s the catch: it still contains outdated technology and might not be under warranty. This means that you could have spent just a little bit more money to have completely new, state-of-the-art dual-pane windows that come with a full warranty.

This Has Been A Pane – Just Replace It

Let’s look at the third option. Perhaps Timmy’s errant throw is a blessing in disguise. Replacing your entire window unit altogether is a great ROI for your home. This house window replacement option is a long-term guarantee versus simply throwing another single-pane window on your home or a dual-pane window with outdated technology.

Replacing your broken glass with dual-pane windows or replacing the entire unit altogether doesn’t have to be a massive project. 70% of today’s replacements in Northern California are simple retrofit projects that can sometimes take just one day of work for a single story home consisting of 10 windows and 1 patio door.

Your new dual-pane windows come loaded with additional benefits as well. They keep your house much more quiet, heat transference is greatly reduced, and they stay cleaner to allow more light to come through, which makes rooms appear brighter and more open. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits that come with your new dual-pane windows while also enjoying a lower energy bill.

In the end, it probably makes more sense to buy a dual-pane window or use your kid’s awful aim as the home window replacement excuse you were looking for. You’ll be glad you did.


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