25 Reasons Not To Sign That Contract

stop signIf you’re a homeowner, there’s pretty much nothing worse than realizing you’re knee deep in a contractor scam. When the reality of the situation finally sinks in, you’ll probably wonder where you went wrong and what you could have done to prevent it.

That’s why today you’re going to learn the twenty-five steps you need to take before ever signing a contract placed before you. Unless you’ve confirmed the following twenty-five points, you will be placing yourself in great danger.

25 Reasons Not To Sign That Contract

Before you sign your John Hancock to that contract, have you done the following?

  1. A professional verification of his state contractor’s license?
  2. A full investigation of his state contractor’s license?
  3. Verified a minimum liability insurance of $1,000,000?
  4. Warranty analyses to confirm minimum legal requirements?
  5. Full investigation into the track record of subcontractor use?
  6. Confirmed company’s compliance regarding state law detailing legal payment terms?
  7. Lien check?
  8. Judgment check?
  9. Bankruptcy check?
  10. State felony and misdemeanor criminal history check?
  11. Federal criminal history check?
  12. Sexual offender check?
  13. Government sanctioned watch-list check?
  14. Verified state driving record?
  15. Conducted a Better Business Bureau check?
  16. Conducted a Diamond Certification check?
  17. Confirmed Angie’s List history report?
  18. Ensure he is EPA lead certified?
  19. Verified company’s ability to be bonded?
  20. Workman’s comp check?
  21. Conducted an in-person inspection of their facilities?
  22. Performed an in-depth investigation of past insurance claims?
  23. Talked to former customers?
  24. Confirmed their craftsmanship?
  25. Been interviewed by a professional third-party company, like HomeProHub, to receive unbiased advice regarding your project?

The reason these twenty-five steps are so important is so you get a fair price, make sure the project is done right, and avoid any and all contractor scams.

As you can see, however, these checks and balances take a lot of time and effort. Let HomeProHub do all the work for you. It’s totally free and you can be confident that you’re receiving unbiased and helpful advice at all times. Contact us by clicking here.

We’re excited to help you with your next home improvement project!


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