Important Tips For Garden Window Prices

hph garden windowIf you’re currently looking at garden window prices and trying to decide if now is the right time to have one installed, there are three key factors to consider: location of the window, the contractor doing the work, and potential window options. All of these factors mean that garden window prices can fluctuate.

Generally speaking the price of a garden window is relatively high in comparison to other window options. That’s why we’re going to show you a few important things to consider before moving forward with your next home improvement project.

Sky High

So why are current garden windows prices through the roof? The first thing you need to consider is the location of the project. If it happens to be on the first floor then you’re looking at a ballpark figure of $1,000 for one garden window (including installation). However, if you’re having that same garden window installed on the second floor then the price can jump up as high as $2,500 for that one opening.

Oh Yeah … Who’s Actually Going to Install It?

We don’t recommend garden windows as a DIY project. Have a professional come out to size the opening. Any miscalculation could mean extra labor down the road.

Here’s what’s interesting about garden window projects. It’s one of the few windows we suggest buying on your own (after having it professionally sized), bring it home, and then have it installed by a contractor.

Garden windows – which come available as new construction and retrofit options – can fluctuate in price depending on the contractor you hire. You could literally have four different contractors give you four totally different prices even though they all purchased that window from the exact same place. What most people don’t know is that there are very few garden window manufacturers in the United States. So even if four different local contractors come out and show you “their” garden window, they all probably buy the window from the same company and then just put their name on it. Other window manufacturers will actually do the exact same thing since garden window manufacturing is such a niche specialty.

Cut out the middleman and just buy it yourself.


While garden window prices are difficult to determine (especially when you factor in the cost of labor), you need to be aware that some options such as painted vinyl can literally triple the price for the exact same garden window. However, this is the only way to buy a garden window in a color other than white.

The price can also increase if your contractor is also going to do extra work on the inside of the window. Backsplash, tilling, and trimming out the interior can all increase the cost significantly.

Garden Window Prices: No Sure Answer

HomeProHub can walk you through the sometimes-complicated process of garden window prices. Just keep in mind that there currently aren’t a lot of companies out there making this type of window, so the fluctuation in price comes from the contractor installing it.

The price of the window may be static, but the fee charged by those doing the work most definitely is not!


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