These look great! I look forward to posting projects for these soon.

Lifestyle Screens

Linked LogoContinuing to forge ahead as a force for innovation in screening systems for the door industry, Advanced Screenworks, LLC, parent company of Lifestyle Screens,  has launched its new Rollaround Screens unit. The Rollaround Screen works with commercial rollup warehouse doors. The Rollaround Screen addresse2012-12-10_17-40-29_609s the screening needs of companies whose operations require warehouse manufacturing and assembly facilities. The Rollaround Screen is designed to provide a low cost solution for the ventilation, illumination and   security needs of the typical w2012-12-10_17-44-14_598arehouse factory unit.

Typically, a warehouse or warehouse manufacturing facility is too large to be cooled in a cost effective manner during the hot months. Keeping the rolling panel doors of the facility closed during hot days while running fans simply circulates hot, stale air around and fails to keep the workers in the facility cool. The Rollaround Screen allows the facility to keep the rolling doors open while securing…

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