How to Gauge a Roof Replacement Estimate

My-Speciality-Is-Roofing_c_102990If you’re looking for someone to give you an estimate for roof replacement costs, you should immediately understand that nailing down an exact figure is going to be awfully tough. Here at HomeProHub, we can give you a ballpark answer to the question, “How much does a roof cost?”

What’s key to note here, however, is that no universal dollar amount can be affixed to your home without an experienced contractor thoroughly looking at it. The materials you plan to use, the location of your home, and more all factor into that final estimation.

With that in mind, today we’re going to show you the average cost for a new roof, the materials at your disposal, and why you need to be leery of estimators cloaked as salespeople.

Estimate For Roof Replacement Facts

By The Numbers

To give yourself a general starting point, it’s helpful to note that a mid-range roof will run you around $21,488. This middle-of-the-road project includes removing your old roof, hauling away all of the waste, and placing on a new one.

An upscale roofing project will run in the neighborhood of $38,022. The extra money will enable you to buy better materials and to uniquely beautify your home.

So while these are general numbers you can keep in mind, the type of materials you use will go a long way in determining the final cost.

Roofing Materials

Here is a brief rundown of roofing materials you can choose from:

Slate – Constructed out of tiny pieces of natural stone

Asphalt – Although not as aesthetically pleasing as other roofing materials, it’s quite affordable

Tiles – While incredibly heavy, tiles are durable, sturdy, and resistant to fire

Rubber – Mainly used for flat roofs, rubber is very resistant to leaks

Metal – They often come with a 50-year warranty and require little to zero maintenance

Wood – Often made from cedar or oak, many homeowners believe it to be the most beautiful material you can find

The Sales Guy

Before we adjourn today’s meeting on estimate for roof replacement facts, we need to give you a huge warning. Should you fill out a contact form on the Internet because you’re looking for a “roofing estimator,” you’re basically inviting a salesperson into your home. In the contracting world, once you fill out a form your information is then sold as a lead. That means contractors will send salespeople to your home or have them call you at all hours because they must recoup their losses. Even if a salesperson comes to your home and gives you a free estimate on your roof, prepare for an incredibly hard sell shortly thereafter. They need to close you .

No Hard Sell Here

HomeProHub won’t bombard you with sales gibberish. We’ll give you free, unbiased information for your next roofing project. Our business model makes it impossible for us to sell you anything on our first visit. If you’re in the Bay Area, give us a call at 408.256.1025. Your information will never reach shady contractors or pushy salespeople – only certified and trusted professionals dedicated to installing the roof of your dreams.


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