To Window Grid or Not to Window Grid

SONY DSCThere are few design options that impact the overall look of your new window selection more than window grids. Stop and think about it. This isn’t the kind of decision where you have the luxury of going back and changing it. Once you make the final decision on your windows grids they cannot be removed or changed in anyway. The decision is 100% aesthetic, as windows grids do not serve any purpose other than achieving a certain look. This look is what makes the choice difficult. The decision should not be taken lightly because the look you are going for could miss the mark and end up looking terrible.

The good news is that when done correctly, window grids can make even the most basic window replacement project look upscale and elegant. We have to admit we aren’t really a huge fan of grids but in certain situations – like maintaining the historic value of a home or neighborhood – we do recommend them.

That being said, let us briefly give our top 3 reasons why we usually say “No” when homeowners ask us if we think they should order grids on their new windows.

  1. Grids reduce visible light. Our personal preference is to maintain as much visible light as possible. This plays an even larger role when you are doing a vinyl replacement (retrofit) project. Light loss is almost inevitable due to the frame size required to cover the existing frame that remains installed in the opening. Moreover, window grids oftentimes conflict with other elements of the window, such as the frames of the sash, mulls, vertical blinds, and shutters. This dizzying visual conflict is magnified tenfold when the window is open about halfway. The multiple vertical and horizontal lines can make it so you can barely see out your windows. We call this “Hyperbolic Grid Pattern Distortion.” Ok, we made that up but believe us, it’s a phenomena you don’t want to happen to your home.
  2. You may love the window grids now but hate them later. As we said, there is no turning back. If you wake up one morning and decide you don’t like the grids you chose the only way to fix the situation is to buy entirely new windows. Ouch!
  3. The beauty of clear, open, full-light windows is undeniable. Windows bring the outdoors in and natural sunlight has been scientifically proven to improve our overall mood and alertness. Who would want to impede that?

We here at HomeProHub can certainly provide top-notch consultation on window grids and additional questions you might have. Feel free to contact us to open up and let that sunshine in!


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