Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows: The Showdown

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows The ShowdownPreviously here at HomeProHub, we talked a little bit about both vinyl windows and fiberglass windows. We talked about how each can add to the beauty of your home, save you hundreds yearly on energy bills, and are quite affordable.

With spring right around the corner – which means it’s time to start thinking about home improvement projects again – we wanted to quickly revisit vinyl vs fiberglass windows. Let’s look at the benefits of each.

If you’ve been thinking about vinyl vs fiberglass windows, continue reading for some helpful information for each option.

Vinyl Windows

  • They can add quite the artistic touch to your home
  • They provide an excellent ROI should you decide to sell your home down the road
  • Vastly improved R-factors and Low-E technology will save you hundreds in energy bills each year
  • Vinyl windows today are very pleasing on the eye. Most feature clean sight lines and are available in the color of your choosing
  • The replacement window market is quite competitive right. The HomeProHub Referral Service is happy to help you find the best deals on the market

Vinyl vs fiberglass windows: Round Two

Perhaps fiberglass windows have your interest right now. Some of the advantages include:

  • Higher efficiency due to less stress on the seals, caulks, and joints
  • These tight seals maintain the resistance to air leakage and keep out water penetration
  • Corrosion and rot resistant
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Ability resists warping
  • Easy to paint over and over again with minimum preparation
  • Fiberglass is particularly adept at resisting environmental damage caused by corrosive salt air or extreme temperatures
  • Low-thermal conductivity
  • Low-environmental impact

In the showdown between vinyl vs fiberglass windows, only you can be the judge as to the winner. If you need a hand picking out a champion, however, contact HomeProHub today for a free consultation.


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