You are Not a Customer. You are Simply a Lead.

hph salesIn our blog post last month, “Keeping Home Improvement Resources in Perspective,” we talked about the various ways that homeowners traditionally research contractors. From Yelp to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to referrals from friends, we outlined how each resource is laden with flaws.

Today’s blog installment will focus on why – in the eyes of most contractors out there – you are not a customer. You aren’t even a homeowner interested in a home improvement project. You are a lead. You do not have a first and last name or a vision of how you’d like your home improvement project to turn out. You are just a lead.

Here’s why this is such an important fact for you to recognize and how you can utilize home improvement experts out there to ensure you’re so much more than just a lead in the future.

What Resource Did You Use? Yeah That’s Great – You’re Still Just A Lead

Let’s get the harsh reality out of the way: no matter what service you go through (BBB, Diamond Certified, or the Yellow Pages) you are still just a lead once a contractor is notified. To clarify this point, we are going to use an everyday funnel as a metaphor for this entire process.

At the top of the funnel, about to spiral its way down, are all the resources you could possibly use to find a contractor – including those we’ve mentioned thus far. The problem is that no matter how many resources you dump into your funnel, you’ll still just end up coming out of the narrow opening at the bottom as a lead. “I poured Service Magic into my funnel though!” You still came out the other end as a lead. “My Uncle Bob totally suggested a contractor. I dumped that into my funnel.” Sorry, once again you squeezed out of that little opening as nothing more than a lead in the eyes of a prospective contractor and the salesperson they’re about to send out to your home.

Death Of A Salesman? One Can Wish!

So you’ve swirled around the funnel and finally emerged out the other side as a lead. Now you get to enjoy a pushy salesman coming into your home with only one thing on his mind: converting the lead (you) into a sale. A salesperson is not good at home improvement projects; he is good at making sales. He’ll often look around your home and throw out wild suggestions and comments of, “Oh yeah sure. We can totally do that.” Did you know that the contractor this salesman represents has already budgeted for these kinds of stupid comments? This means that even though the salesman has given you incorrect information that will cost more money to amend once the project has started, you will be the person actually paying for this carelessness.

Here’s a good example of what we’re talking about: the salesman sitting across from you is usually making around 10% of the bottom line. If the project is worth $5,000, then he just made $500 from signing you. But that money is already baked into the overall project, which means you literally just paid for that salesman to sit on your couch, drink your coffee, and tell you all the things you wanted to hear.

He’s Such A Nice Boy

If the salesperson charmed you and made you believe that he was, “Just so gosh-darn nice,” then it’s time to get the project started. But here’s what you might not know. For every 10 customers a company meets with, only 2-3 of them will sign on. This means they must make up for the lost time and marketing budget by overcharging those of you that DO sign on the bottom line. Moreover, no matter how much you think you’re getting a great deal, the contractor has already planned ahead and left space in the budget for mistakes, over-promises, and marketing towards future customers.

HomeProHub To The Rescue

Here’s where HomeProHub can swoop in like Superman and save you before you go spiraling down that funnel. By utilizing the service, projects actually cost less – around 8-10% – because it’s much more efficient for the contractors. They no longer have to overcharge you to support their marketing efforts or salespeople.

And of course by working with HomeProHub, you can rest assure that you’ll only receive the best, unbiased advice for your home improvement project. Afterward, we’ll connect you with prequalified contractors complete with our service guarantee. With HomeProHub as your personal watchdog, there’s no reason to go flailing down the funnel ever again.


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