How to Figure out the World of Window Replacement Costs

Cost of Window ReplacementWhen examining the cost of window replacement options available on the market, you can take the same approach you would when purchasing a car. You can buy a beat-up, late-1970’s Pinto (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a reliable and trustworthy minivan, or a crazy suped-up car with LCD’s in the back. Each option comes with different features – or lack thereof.

If the cost of window replacement options feels a bit overwhelming right now, a HomeProHub Consultant can help you navigate the crowded parking lot of choices. In the meantime, here’s a closer look at window replacements from dirt cheap to deliciously lavish. (Please note that the prices below represent the averages for each individual opening in a wall.)


The cheapest cost of window replacement option out there is to go to Home Depot and purchase one right off the shelf. Most likely it will be a vinyl, baseline window that you will have to install yourself. There’s a good chance it won’t feature Low-E technology. Without a doubt, this choice will feature very basic rollers and latch hardware.

This option might remind you of your very first car: limited warranty, no accessories, and not even a Hawaiian hula-hoop girl on the dash. This option is about as basic as it gets.


The next step up is the $300-500 range where you would go online to order. You’ll be buying a better product, such as a Cascade Window, but in the end you’ll still be installing it yourself. While this may be a better option than a Home Depot window, there are still great risks involved since it’s a DIY project.


This is the price range that most homeowners find themselves in. This is a good place to start when looking at the cost of window replacement options. The window, often manufactured by companies such as Simonton or Milgard, is a solid, middle-of-the-road product with good quality, attractiveness, and craftsmanship.

Perhaps most importantly, a professional window installer will handle the installation. You’ll also receive a solid warranty. This is the safest, most reliable way to have a window installed. Think of this as your first minivan purchase.


Now we’ve reached the price range where we go beyond retrofit installations and start to see more new construction projects that are conducted by professionally trained window dealers. A specialized, higher-end installer will offer you a window (often Anderson) that features multiple bells and whistles, including:

  • Paintable/stainable interior finishes
  • Different interior finishes
  • Availability in numerous colors
  • Customizable hardware

You can think of this option as purchasing a nice sports utility vehicle and then adding a built-in navigation. You’ll have to stop short of customizable spinning rims, but still it’s a pretty sweet ride.


In staying with our car theme, this cost of window replacement option is like buying a shiny new DeLorean.

OK, we’re kidding. We just wanted to have a Back to the Future reference in here somewhere. The $1,200-1,600 range is the Jaguar of windows. They are ultra high-end, and are often ideal for historical homes or trying to match the historic look of your original windows. Think Pella and Marvin Windows.

An example would be true-divided light windows. This means that each grid is actually an individual window itself (not just a large pane with grids slapped in-between the two panes of glass). You can expect a wider variety of available finishes, wall depths, sizes and shapes, and tons of hardware options, including different styles of locks and handles. You can also select from custom finishes, such as brushed aluminum, bronzed, and satin nickel.

Expect these bad-boys to be installed by a well-paid craftsman or a high-end contractor or home builder.


HomeProHub can help with the process of navigating the entire spectrum in determining the cost of window replacement options that work best for you. Chatting with a HomePro Consultant is free, which leaves you with more money in your wallet to pay for the plutonium needed to fuel your DeLorean.


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