What You Have In Common With Ward and June Cleaver

A Contractor Scam Going Back to the Days of Leave It To BeaverLet me answer the question in the title of this blog right away. The one thing that I know you have in common with Ward and June Cleaver is that when you start the process of hiring your next home improvement contractor you’re going use just about the same exact process that homeowners used back in the 1950’s!

How could the process of hiring a home improvement contractor not have changed in 50-60 years? Is it because it works so well? Heck no! It doesn’t work at all! Take a look at these lists of the top complaints in each category tracked by The Office of Consumer Affairs and The Consumer Federation of America:

Office of Consumer Affairs

  1. Home Improvement Contractors
  2. Auto Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Lemon Law
  5. Foreclosure assistance

Complaints tracked by The Consumer Federation of America:

  1. Home Improvement/Repairs
  2. Automobile Sales
  3. Automobile Repairs
  4. Credit
  5. Telecommunications/Cable/Satellite
  6. Debt Collections/Billing Practices
  7. ID Theft/Deceptive Practices
  8. Internet/ ISP/E-Commerce
  9. Major Purchases/Household Goods
  10. Telemarketing/Sales Practices

If the current process was working so well, Home Improvement Contractors would not even appear anywhere on these lists. The fact that they top these list leads me to believe that the current process is not only broken and not working but it’s downright dangerous for homeowners to even consider navigating these waters without some kind of professional guidance and support.

This is amazing to me considering all the advances that have been made in other categories of consumer affairs. Look at the banking industry, we don’t bank anything like we did back in the 1950’s. Back then if you needed money from your account or if you needed to do anything at all with your account you needed to get yourself to the bank, wait in line and talk to a teller. You also needed to do it Monday -Friday 9:00-5:00PM because that was your only option. How different is banking today? Considerably different indeed. Easier, faster and much more secure. Why hasn’t the process of hiring a home improvement contractor been fixed?

You would think someone would have stepped in and stopped the madness by instituting some type of solution. This is actually the essence of what led us to create the HomeProHub Referral Service.

What most homeowners fall for is the fact that fraudulent contractors and their salespeople make EVERYTHING appear so perfect. They are trained experts, prepared in advance for every single one of your objections. I don’t care how smart you think you are, at some point you are going to have to make a decision and you are probably going to make it using the same exact process that “Ward and June Cleaver” used back in the 1950’s: You will check the contractor out to the best of your abilities or even depend on a referral from a neighbor or family member then you are going to sign a contract and hope for the best. Again, if this process was effective the lists above would not look the way they do.

Now back to how HomeProHub has stepped in and evolved the process to where it should be. We have done three things that make everything work the way it should:

  1. We assembled a network of not only pre-screened contractors but constantly monitored contractors. Our network contractors have to pass our 25 point certification process that includes about five times as many security checks then what most homeowners would do to investigate a contractor properly.
  2. We implemented a single consultation with an unbiased HomeProHub Home Improvement Expert that eliminates the possibility that homeowners will become overwhelmed by a “charming” contractor. The vast majority of homeowners that were taken by a fraudulent contractor stated “he seamed like such an honest and nice guy”….they always do.
  3. We back it all up with an iron clad service guarantee that makes it impossible to get ripped off…..ever!

Click your way over to HomeProHub today to check it out.


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