Contractor Fraud Protection Tips

contractor fraud protectionThe doldrums of winter are fast approaching. Soon the Christmas lights will come down, the credit card bills will arrive, and the weather outside will be frightful – and not in a Christmas-carol-romanticized kind of way. Although you may be mired in the post-holiday blues, it’s never too early to start thinking about spring. Spring is also the time to start thinking about those remodeling projects you’ve been putting off. And when it’s time to remodel, it’s time to find a contractor. Yikes!

Nearly 70% of Americans have personally had a horrific experience when dealing with a contractor. Why is this so? Sadly, many homeowners will choose a contractor based solely on the name of the company. Some will choose based upon the contractor’s location (as if the company’s PO Box address somehow dictates their quality of work). Still others blindly choose based on referrals from family and friends. We know lots of homeowners that fall into the 70% of Americans who have had a horrible experience with a contractor even though they were a referral from a trusted friend or family member. Unfortunately this is usually due to a recent change with the contractor who once was once doing good work. Perhaps one of the partners leaves the business and that partner was the one monitoring the quality of the work.

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