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When you have a home-improvement project underway…

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What a little paint and polish can do!

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Okay, here it is – the before and after pictures. I now consider myself quite knowledgeable in:


Who knew?

As I walk through the beautiful clean house with the gleaming hardwood floors and newly painted walls, I hardly recognize the place! We took up the wall-to-wall carpet, which has hidden the hardwood floors for over 50 years. We also stripped the wallpaper and painted the walls. I was disappointed to see the electric blue shag rug in my bedroom go by the wayside.

Nothing too deep this week, I have been immersed in home improvements. Enjoy the before and after pictures.

The kitchen before:

kitchen before 1kitchen before 2

The kitchen after:

kitchen after

The den before:

den before

The den after:

den after

The living room before:

living room before

The living room after:

living room after

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The kitchen makeover: Sure, it’s considered the heart of the home, but in my case, it’s also at the heart of this DIY renovation. When I moved in, basically EVERYthing needed to be touched, changed, or replaced in some way. This kitchen has been years in the making, and nearly everything I did in this room was done for the first time, with no prior experience. But sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, discovering some nifty new tools, and some elbow grease.

Or in my case, throwing tools and having a drink or crying on the floor in frustration. But getting up and trying again, because that’s what’s important.

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